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The Shell Collector

The Shell Collector - Christopher Golden This one was a disappointment on so many levels. "The Shell Collector" started off strong with great character development and a haunting scene on a boat where the protagonist first encounters the Shell Collector. The story just unravels from there.

The emotions in the tale fell flat, the conclusions drawn seemed to miss a logical connection somewhere and the ending pulled up way short.

I am a fan of the novella in the horror genre and feel that in a lot of cases the length of a novella better allows an author to convey ideas than would a short story or a full-length novel. This was not one of those times.

If Golden had tackled the last half of the novella with the same zeal he attacked the first half and had exploited the characters and the frightening scene he set up on the boat, this could have been a strong story. As it is, not so much.