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Reliquary (Pendergast, Book 2)

Reliquary  - Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child I enjoyed this book up until the climactic action scene that composed the last 100 or so pages of the novel.

Its funny when in the tongue-in-cheek James Bond flicks our hero races against a timer strapped to an explosive and amazingly stops the clock with 007 seconds remaining. In the thrill of action sequence you will have lost track that 15 minutes of the movie has passed when the clock initially had only 2 minutes until apocalypse.

But, in this novel it just didn't work. With the countdown to destruction set at T-minus 2 hours, agent Pendergast had a laundry list of weapons to procure, SEAL teams to enlist, plans to be drawn up, guides to engage, arguments to be had, blah blah blah, not to mention he actually had to stop that proverbial ticking clock. It just didn't work for me! Granted, Pendergast is faster than a speeding bullet and more powerful than any runaway locomotive, there is just no way in any bit of seriousness that he could have pulled this off!

Okay, I'm no fun.