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First Night of Summer

First Night of Summer - Landon Parham The first half of this book is a disturbing 5 STAR thriller.

As a reader of horror, at the end of the day, I am reminded that the bulk of the stories that I read are based upon folklore and legend and that it is not likely that vampires, zombies, mummies or werewolves will be roaming the streets of small-town America. The topic tackled by Parham in this novel though is one that is far from folklore or legend. The news far too often is filled with such stories. Parham is descriptive and takes the reader into the mind of the perpetrator. The first half of the book is powerful.

The second half of the book devolves into a 3 STAR action movie / chase scene filled with unlikely scenarios and conveniences that warrant little attention.

4 STARS, based solely on the strength of the first half of the novel