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Descendant - Graham Masterton In "Descendant", Masterton draws on the Romanian folklore of the strigoi, the immortal vampires, to weave a tale that crosses WWII and the decade or so after its end.

Jim Falcon, is an American academician who, due to a paper he wrote, is called upon to hunt strigoi in WWII's European theater. After the war, Jim is happy to walk away and live his happy life.

But, when post-war evidence of strigoi emerges in London, Jim is again called upon to address what has become his specialty.

I really enjoyed the story but felt that it wasn't written quite as tight as I would have liked. At one point, two scenes were so similar that I thought I had accidentally reread a paragraph or two.

With almost 10% of the book remaining and just as it appears Masterton is winding things down, he manages to tie up some loose ends in a surprising way that ends the novel on a high note.

3 1/2 STARS