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Known Devil

Known Devil  - Justin Gustainis "Known Devil" is the third book in Gustainis' Occult Crimes Unit Investigation series.

Amid a war between crime families and the questionable motives of an upstart political party, a new, highly addictive drug is hitting the streets and the ramifications of its addictive nature are frightening. Detective Stan Markowski and his partner Karl Renfer have to resort to means they never before considered in order to prevent things from spiraling beyond law enforcement control.

While I did enjoy this book, part of me was disappointed when I guessed where it was heading. The first and second books in the series worked well on their own. The third book seemed more of a continuation of issues left open in the previous installments. At times, I had a feeling of "haven't I read this before?".

"Known Devil" is not without merit though. Gustainis continues to show a lot of creativity and hopefully he has left the door open for further adventures of Markowski and Renfer.

3 1/2 STARS