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The Undertaker's Cabinet

The Undertaker's Cabinet - David      Haynes Haynes writes fun bad guys. They are creepy and certainly demented but entertaining in the way one might find Hannibal Lecter or Reverend Kane entertaining. In fact, I'm not sure if it is a comment on Haynes' writing or my bent sense of fun but, I often find myself rooting for his bad guys.

Another Haynes strong point is his representation of the seedier, seamier side of Victorian England. His description of Whitechapel gambling dens, Bethlem insane asylum and the dark, backroom operations of a London funeral home all work to give you a dirty, gritty feeling and set a harsh backdrop for his twisted anti-heroes.

In "The Undertaker's Cabinet", Moreton and Sons, a modern-day small-town funeral home is battling for survival in a town that saw its prime pass decades ago. Moreton and Sons has a dark past of which the current Moretons are completely unaware. Well, their haunting origins just came to town.