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The Golem (Leisure Fiction)

The Golem - Edward Lee This book delves into the Jewish legend of the Golem and into the dark side of Kaballism. It made for an interesting read.

Typically, if I enjoy a book enough that it makes me want to read more by that author, I give a book 4 stars. This book though came up a bit short on a couple measures.

First, one of the main characters is a know-it-all. Damn lady knows everything...each time because she used to date a guy that was a professional in whatever area. That was more than a bit overplayed.

Second, I could have done without the one-sided Al Gore-esque preaching about the wonders of bio-mass fuels. This book was published in 2009, about the time when oil prices were setting record highs and natural gas prices hadn't yet diverged from oil. The world was in love with the myth of the perfect green energy solution and evidently, so was Mr Lee.

Those things aside, I would have given this one 4 Stars. But, I was annoyed enough that 3 STARS is the limit.