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The Spirit Seeker Society

The Spirit Seeker Society - S. Kodejs I had to give up on this one. It started hokey and then just kept spiraling down that thread until I just couldn't bring myself to turn the next page.

The cast of characters is set up like a typical teen horror movie: a quiet, withdrawn guy, a promiscuous blonde, a nerdy girl, a dumb jock and a foreign student.

I gave this a pass because the premise of the story caught my attention. I kept going because the background story that was being woven seemed interesting.

The freshmen students were given an assignment to start any sort of student society that they chose. Given the historic nature of the area in which they live, they decided to start a Spirit Seeker Society.

They begin researching their chosen spirits and that's when the hokey becomes overwhelming. These people would set out to find a ghost and WHAM! a ghost! Zac Bagans from Ghost Adventures sees fewer ghosts than these kids (If you didn't catch the sarcasm there, Zac Bagans sees "ghosts" EVERYWHERE!).

The interaction between student and ghost was contrived. The cast of character is cliche. Scary didn't happen. I just saw no reason to go any further into this one!